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Literature & Fiction / Genre Fiction (PDF): [b] Sense of Touch: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany's Court [/b] - full pages by [b] Rozsa Gaston. (2016) [/b] [url=][img],204,203,200_.jpg[/img][/url] [b] Free download : [/b] Bound by love. Separated by duty. Their future depends on the life of the queen’s only heir.Fifteen-year-old Nicole serves Anne of Brittany, Queen of France as a lady-in-waiting at the royal court. Bestowed with a gift of healing touch and herbs, she reluctantly awaits an arranged marriage to a noble suitor.But when she meets Philippe, a young horse trainer breaking in one of the queen’s stallions, a spark ignites between them. When the horse’s ankle becomes infected, Nicole uses her healing skills to restore it to health as she and Philippe fall deeply in love. But duty calls – and her loyalty to Queen Anne prevents her from escaping her coming marriage.When Anne’s only child falls ill, she pleads with Nicole for help. Unable to stand the thought of losing another child, Anne promises one favor to anybody who can save her infant daughter.Nicole sees her chance. If she can save Anne’s daughter, her greatest desire could be fulfilled. But with the queen’s only heir hanging in the balance, what will befall her if she fails?Sense of Touch tells the little-known story of late medieval/early Renaissance queen Anne of Brittany, wife to two kings of France, in a gripping tale of forbidden love between two of her courtiers. If you like page-turning romance and suspense in period-perfect detail, you won’t want to miss this prequel to the Anne of Brittany Series. Download this heart-stopping love story today.'A romance and an interesting novel about heartache and forbidden love, of women in the 15th century French court, who fought with passion and determination for what they wanted. A striking story.'—Historical Novel Society [b]>> [url=]Download PDF[/url]

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